She Sees Red

Dark clouds brewing

they form, these wisps of clouds

floating inside her head

tendrils of pain, and anger

reaching out and clutching

forming into thunderous darkness

that coalesce behind knotted brows

the peal of thunder, the light devoured

the rage consumes,

she sees red…

-Theelusivescribe 07202017-




In sleep, I gasp for breath
as the rushing waves
of my semi-consciousness
began to filter in my dreams
the feeling of dread starts to pile up
encroaching on the serene valley
where I lie upon the grass
forgetting reality for a time
but the shadows have descended
like dark winged monsters enraged
hungry for the light that glows within
unable to move from this nightmare
I succumb to the darkness inside of me

-The Elusive Scribe 03172017



Here we lie underneath the pale moon
mere shadows in the fading light
the waves softly touching our skin
cold fingers soothing our bodies on fire
shivers running down our spine
Our eyes meet and so do our lips
hands hesitating, unraveling mysteries
uncovering territories, exploring secrets
bathed in reverent waters as we lie
entwined, under a canopy of stars
-The Elusive Scribe 03152017-


What Do You See?

afraid-of-the-darkphoto credit: snshafik – WordPress.com

What do you see as you lie in bed
underneath the covers, the lights gone dead?
Do you see the shadows creeping,
stretching their broken fingers upon your feet?
Or do you see the crack of light
under the door fading into nothingness?
What do you see as your imagination runs wild,
as you lie alone, shivering in the cold?
Do you see a shadow form, blacker than the night,
watching you from the corner of the room?
Or do you wonder whether there is something
hiding ‘neath your bed?
What do you see, child? What do you see?

-The Elusive Scribe 02042017-



Peeping from the darkness that envelope the skies
a flutter of light, faint from its distance
a signal, a beacon, a warrior
against the shadows, it raises its banner
calling through space and beyond worlds
for other stars to lend their shine
to break the cloak of impenetrable darkness
bringing starlight to eyes upturned
to the heavens, waiting for hope

-TheElusiveScribe 01262017-


Close to You

That’s all I ever wanted
to be near you
as you down that drink
sitting in front of you
while you watch tv
oblivious to the world
as always

I come closer
inching my way
to your shoulders
my hands longing
to caress your neck
with the lightest of touch

Your skin breaks into goosebumps
as you feel my presence
like a whisper of breath
touching you
chilling you
making you turn around
yet you don’t see me

But I’m close
as you turned back to the screen
laughing at the silliness
thinking that someone’s behind you
oh but I am
I am and you don’t see me

And when finally I touched
your bare flesh
you screamed and threw your beer
and I was stunned
drenched in your liquor
hurriedly running away
from the fear I saw in your eyes

Oh how I weep
as I scurried back into the darkness
the walls, my lair
hiding me and my insignificant frame
while I wait
and watch
until I can come close to you
once more

-©The Elusive Scribe 042114-


Shut the Door









Shut the door, shut it tight
let not the shadows come in tonight.
The room is awash with the warmest light
by candle flames that shine with might.

Don’t crack the windows open, don’t you dare,
cold’s fingers will come so beware
when they snuff the flames will you care
as darkness envelopes you in its snare?

Huddle closer to the warmth of the flames
don’t get drawn by the night’s enticing games,
even when it beckons know that it aims
to eat your soul just like it claims.

Shut the door, shut it tight,
stay away from the shadows tonight.
They come, they come, to steal your light,
leave you with your sorrows before you can take flight.

-©The Elusive Scribe 021814-