Close Your Eyes








Close your eyes my darling dear
in my arms I’ll rock you to sleep.
A kiss to your cheek I’ll give
to protect you from monsters in your dream.
Don’t be afraid when darkness comes
no one can harm you while I’m around.
Rest your weary head in my embrace
leave your childish worries for another day.
I’ll watch over you as the moon slips in,
even hold your tiny hand, never wanting to let go.
Close your eyes my darling dear,
your mommy is holding you tight
a kiss to your cheek I’ll give
and a promise I’ll whisper to your ear.

-The Elusive Scribe 110513-



Between the sorrows that rain down on me
and the boundless troubles i’m standing on,
there is hope still that comes to save me,
from the anger that seeps and the pain that builds,
between the shadows of my past
and the uncertainty of my future.
i will face them all and be steadfast as i can be.
for i will hold on to the promise i made to thee,
that even though miles lie between us
and our paths rarely cross,
even between the silence that reigns both night and
I will keep the same love I’ve offered you before.
Even when doubts rage and rattle my bones and
I will keep the love you’ve kindled in me,
until the planets and stars align
and guide you back home to me.

-The Elusive Scribe 070313-


Come Home


to me and in my arms tonight,
let me hold you close to my chest
with my heart pressed close to you.

come home to me and rest by my hearth,
let me ease your troubles
and banish your pain.

come home to me and be at peace,
let me love you the way you
should be loved with abandon.

come home to me and you’ll never have to
wake up alone and hurting any more.
for i will be here for you my darling,
this i promise as long as you come home to me.

-The Elusive Scribe 052913-


Can’t Stop


Can’t stop relieving those moments
when we were just a few inches apart.
Our fingers slightly touching each other,
shyly exploring the sparks that fly.

Can’t help but remember those smiles we gave,
for they were full of love and promise.
All that was needed was to close the distance
to share that perfect kiss we both have been dreaming
Can’t help but gaze into your beautiful eyes,
for I feel that they are trying to commune with me.
I can spend eternity just staring at your face
and love you with everything that I have.

Can’t believe the luck that came my way,
when our paths crossed again this day.
I never knew I’ll find someone to fall for,
but I know in my heart will beat for you forevermore.

Can’t stop hoping and wishing that we’ll be together.
I pray constantly that you’re my happy ending.
I don’t want to break this moment at all,
when everything feels right because of you.

-eamarifosque 050113-




Beloved, you are wanted by this heart that craves
a love like yours that no one else can replace.
Hungry for the quiet bliss that you’ll permit
to give this heart that longs for your embrace.
Beloved, that’s who you are.
An endearment I will whisper after your name.
A word so simple yet has a world of meanings
but only one name that belongs to my heart.
Beloved, be mine even for a night.
I’ll not let you go but wrap you in my arms so tight.
Listen to my heartbeat and hear its tempo
the sound of my love I long to share with you.
Beloved, I will keep my promise
to have patience while I wait
for you to escape the darkness that you are in
and I’ll be here to save you when you call my name.


– The Elusive Scribe 042913-


Permit Me

Permit me if you will
to hold your hands in mine
with our fingers all entwined.

Permit me if you will
to plant a chaste kiss on your cheek
for you to remember me by.

Permit me if you will
to hug you with all my might
and whisper a promise to your ear.

Permit me if you will
to love you like I’ve never loved before,
for you’re always in my thoughts, my sweet.

Permit me if you will
to say the words I’ve longed to utter,
“I will love you dearest for all eternity.”


– The Elusive Scribe 040413 –