Can’t Stop


Can’t stop relieving those moments
when we were just a few inches apart.
Our fingers slightly touching each other,
shyly exploring the sparks that fly.

Can’t help but remember those smiles we gave,
for they were full of love and promise.
All that was needed was to close the distance
to share that perfect kiss we both have been dreaming
Can’t help but gaze into your beautiful eyes,
for I feel that they are trying to commune with me.
I can spend eternity just staring at your face
and love you with everything that I have.

Can’t believe the luck that came my way,
when our paths crossed again this day.
I never knew I’ll find someone to fall for,
but I know in my heart will beat for you forevermore.

Can’t stop hoping and wishing that we’ll be together.
I pray constantly that you’re my happy ending.
I don’t want to break this moment at all,
when everything feels right because of you.

-eamarifosque 050113-

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