In Chaos


photo credit: pinterest.com


A hundred thousand voices recite in my head
jumbling thoughts, triggering daydreams
swimming in the swirling vortex of ideas
where does my real self linger?

The strong current draws me inward
into a waiting whirlpool I fall into
tossing and turning inside my own head
to breathe is impossible for me to do

Oh these worlds upon worlds that exist
in my mind waiting to be released
if only this hand can write your words
I would gladly give you life on this earth and more

-The Elusive Scribe 01272017-









The kiss of the dawn that stains the skies
life slowly stirs under the covers
as the sun stretches its gentle fingers
melting away the chill of the night

the fragrance of percolating coffee
and the sizzling of frying bacon
there is warmth in every sip
and hunger satiated with every bite

The feeling of being alive
inhaling the sweetness of life
watching the world as it comes to
while the cold embrace of the night fades

-©The Elusive Scribe 073114-











stirring from the ashes of once forgotten hearth
rising like molten heat breaking the surface
it flows still down the barren canals
where echoes of tears used to tread
melting away remnants of fears
bringing life to dead limbs
cheeks suffused with blood

brilliant are the eyes that open to the skies
a wisp of breath escapes from parted lips
waking from a nightmare embraced
the cold no longer bothers her
as melting icicles of loneliness
pool beneath her dainty feet
dissolving in the heat

reborn from the scattered debris of shattered love
the shackles of emptiness are now laid bare
hands and feet will no longer be dragged
down into the well of familiar despair
for the sun is rising with warmth
and the chilling night
no longer remains

-©eamarifosque 053014-









Destination remains unclear
moving with uncertainty
headlights try to penetrate
the gloom that stands ahead
the winding path that leads
to a future yet to be written
fear reeks in every pore
as doubt ravages the heart
yet trembling hands hold still
the wheel of life to drive
bravely towards the future
though surrounded by the mist
of life’s uncertainties.

-The Elusive Scribe 11413-


Here lies a dormant corpse
strung up by its thumbs
way up high the darkened hall
tearstain left on rotting cheek
glistens as the light goes dim.

It’s been so long when last it spoke
now it watches with bloodshot eyes
searching the crowd passing by
for the one that torn it apart
leaving flesh with terrible gashes.

Blood no longer drips from wounds
for the heart no longer beats
an empty shell bereft of life
waiting for a chance to steal
time that its old love took.

Back when life freely flowed
with tenderness and love so true
but the end is always the same,
dreams come crashing down
broken time and time again.

And as the passage of hour comes and goes
the corpse that hung will wait forevermore,
for its old love to walk its path
ne’er minding if its old and bent
for at last it will have its revenge.

-The Elusive Scribe 101013-



Will you look for me if I choose to disappear
from your life where I don’t belong?
Will you wonder where I went off to
when no one answers your call?
Will you worry about me like the way I do
when you disappear in silence like you often do?
Will you search for me if I don’t come back,
when all that’s left of me are just fading memories?
Will you love me then or not at all,
when you realize you’ve never made me yours at all?

-The Elusive Scribe 092413-


In these haunted halls of what was once perfection,
decay and desolation walk hand in hand,
screams of despair and smell of death,
break the silence and repulse the senses.
Where has beauty gone in this life we live?
Where everything was once steeped in colors bright?
Has time taken its toll, taking beauty in his wake?
The world is already turning gray, its edges are already crumbling.
What will the morrow bring?
When life as we know it is already falling,
breaking into hundred thousand pieces,
brittle as glass thrown on the ground,
scarring the earth that bleeds from wounds inflicted.

-The Elusive Scribe 082313-


Never let the sun go down
on dreams you’ve slowly built,
with bits and pieces of hope
you’ve found on life’s two way street.

It doesn’t matter whether it takes you a while
until you realize your dreams,
because they can be hard to fulfill but in the end
you will end up doing them all the same.

Don’t lose hope, don’t despair
even when you think you can’t get to the end.
Life has a way of surprising you,
even when you’re already at your wit’s end.

Just give it all that you have,
don’t mind making mistakes.
It’s all part of the game
there is no need to be ashamed.

For once you’ve caught your dreams
in the palms of your hand
you’ll never forget the road you’ve travelled,
until you finally reached the end.

-The Elusive Scribe 081013-