We Are No Longer Dreamers

We are no longer dreamers of this land
we refuse to listen with our hearts
and our eyes are already blinded
Our thoughts are starting to fade
as we simply follow the tide
Where are the dreamers? The fighters?
The thinkers?
Where are our voices that we used to speak?
Where is the hunger that drives us?
Is this our moment of forgetfulness,
of being washed away into nothingness?
Or is still there a tiny spark of life
waiting to be fanned into brilliant
and blinding light that can banish the shadows
of what we have become today?

-The Elusive Scribe 02082017-




Down the Hole







Dive down into the hole
where shadows of the night reside
bury yourself deep into the ground
embrace the sands of time

Burrow further into land
shelve your secrets in the dark
then leave your sins behind
come back into the light

-©The Elusive Scribe 040814-



Shut the Door









Shut the door, shut it tight
let not the shadows come in tonight.
The room is awash with the warmest light
by candle flames that shine with might.

Don’t crack the windows open, don’t you dare,
cold’s fingers will come so beware
when they snuff the flames will you care
as darkness envelopes you in its snare?

Huddle closer to the warmth of the flames
don’t get drawn by the night’s enticing games,
even when it beckons know that it aims
to eat your soul just like it claims.

Shut the door, shut it tight,
stay away from the shadows tonight.
They come, they come, to steal your light,
leave you with your sorrows before you can take flight.

-©The Elusive Scribe 021814-


Where Will Your Feet Take You Today








Where will your feet take you today
now that you’ve lost your bearings,
floating without a compass to guide you,
alone in the endless sea of uncertainty?

Where will your feet take you today
now that you’re walking on your own,
the familiar hand holding yours is gone
leaving empty spaces between your fingers?

Where will your feet take you today
now that you’re surrounded by the shadows,
the light is slowly going dimmer by the minute
would you find an end to your wanderings?

-©The Elusive Scribe 021414-









The absence of your touch
stilled this beating heart
hardening in the silence
where your voice used to echo
among the dreams that reside
behind closed eyes at night.

Cobwebs of forgetfulness
blended with the shadows
dulling once bright eyes
now vacant in solitude
filling up with tears
that cascade in torrents.

No more room for warmth
the fire has already burned down
the coldness of abandonment
left this heart a derelict
adrift in the endless sea
of forgotten memories.

-The Elusive Scribe 120413-



2013-10-24 17.01.38







Where’s the light that once showed me the way,
the path leading to your embrace?
The stars are gone and the moon’s asleep,
where o’ where are you my lighthouse dear?

Where’s the light that comes from deep within?
only darkness ensues, you melt with the shadows.
How can I find the door to your heart,
when you blend with the night, leaving my sight?

Where’s the light that you used to hold,
the one that draws me deeper into you?
Can it be that you’ve doused the fire that burns,
leaving me with nothing but an empty lighthouse?

-The Elusive Scribe 102413-


By the Shadows


By the shadows I shall wait,
for a scent or sight of you,
that will conjure forbidden images
reflected back in these dark pools
I call my eyes.

I shall wait unmoving, not breathing,
lest I scare you with the slightest movement.
Leaving me with nothing,
not even a hair strand of you.
Fingers clutching nothing but thin air.

I will hide in the shadows as I wait,
weaving dreams made from gossamer strings,
to ensnare both your mind and body,
so I can take you back home with me.

I can be patient, I can be still,
I can wait for eternity if fate allows it to be.
But I know it won’t be long now,
before your feet lead you back to me.

And as your gentle feet take you into the shadows
so shall I be there to welcome you back.
With strings hung from every corner of the walls,
glittering in the night, waiting to embrace you all.

I shall wait in the darkness, waiting for you to stop.
You will enter my home and lie on your deathbed
and I will dine like a queen, slowly savoring my meal,
for your tasty flesh shall be the best feast
my mouth will slowly savor tonight.

-The Elusive Scribe 081213-