butterfly in my garden








You shut yourself from the world,
afraid to see staring eyes,
judging you and the skin that you wear.
You retreat into the darkness,
breathing in your own air,
never wanting to see the light of day.
You dream of shedding your skin,
forgetting your sins,
emerging whole and new.
And so you wait in silence,
feeling the heat of the sun,
and the embrace of the moon.
And you weave your dreams in darkness
with eyes closed, as you slowly change,
changing as the days come and go
until you can’t take it any more.
And so you break free
from your self imposed prison
unaware that as you drew the deepest of breaths
your body unfurls in all its splendor.
And you take flight on wings of beauty
leaving behind the shell of your past,
and as you soar above the skies you see
eyes that once stared now glisten with tears
wondering why they failed to see,
your beauty hidden within.

-The Elusive Scribe 111213-



Angels do Fall


See these angelic wings with their bent feathers?
They’re the abandoned wings of a fallen angel,
All bent and broken by Earth’s strong embrace.
Fragile to hold with all of its gossamer feathers,
slowly fading as the cloudy night disperses.

For this angel lost all her desire to freely fly
with her strong wings upon the night sky.
When gazing down she saw thee,
and felt the first tremblings of desire.

Immortal she is yet to taste forbidden love
that only mere mortals do feel,
she must give up a hefty price,
and abandon her lofty existence.

Eternity she cast aside for a moment’s pleasure.
No qualms or regrets do this angel feel,
leaving her queenly perch for a little bit of heaven
with earth’s tempting kiss.

Only when discarded like rubbish did she feel,
love’s a cruel master and one that burned her deep.
Like the fires of hell that threatened to scorch her wings,
when she flew a little bit closer to its nightmarish abyss.

It was then she felt the first pangs of regret,
as she gazes upwards to the brightly lit night.
Remembering her swift passage across the heavens,
looking down upon a world lit by unbounded beauty.

For falling in love became her own undoing,
in the hands of a mortal careless with her heart.
How can something precious destroy her being,
now she’s lost among the crushing tide of bodies.

Her precious face and voice can’t be seen nor heard,
but a trail of droplets of snowflakes she left behind.
Her angel tears forming crystals on the ground,
sparkling like jewels, flashing like dying fire.

-The Elusive Scribe 040313-


Behind the Starlit Skies


Behind the star lit skies there lies
a princess with wings crying in the night.
For she is waiting for her lover true,
who only comes when the moon is blue.
She knows he is the one for her,
but why is it taking him so long?
To come and brighten her world,
just like the way the sun does in the morning.
Her nights are all quiet and dark,
except for her star-lit lanterns that she hung
around her little cloudy castle,
to light his way back into her arms.

-eamarifosque 041213-