Will you take care of this aching heart
that yearns for a place in your own?
Will you warm it up in your hands
and promise to hold it close to you?
Will you bring it with you wherever you go
and remember that the one who owns it is waiting for you?
Will you sleep tonight and dream of me
and wake up thinking about who thinks of you all the time?
Will you lead your feet back to my home
and stay with me for a little longer?
Will you treasure the trust I give you
and let it not fall to the ground and break?
Will you come back and stay in my arms
and still this worried heart?

-eamarifosque 091713-


Will You


Will you be in my dreams, my sweet?
Will you wait till I close my eyes?
Will you be there waiting for me?
Will you wait the night?
Will you come and sit by my side?
Will you stare into my deep brown eyes?
Will you let your fingers caress my skin?
Will you let your lips linger on mine?
Will you hold me tight tonight of all nights?
Will you be there when I open my eyes?
Will you be there sleeping by my side?


-The Elusive Scribe 042613-