You would have been mine

You would have been mine if only I had the courage
to give voice to the thoughts that run in my mind
and the feelings that toss and turn in my heart.

You would have felt the warmth in my every embrace

and the love that wells up inside me,
as I press to your lips the kisses I longed to give.

You would have savored the words I whisper to your ears,
as they burn their way slowly to your cheeks staining them red,
and make your heart beat faster than ever.

You would have been mine, my sweet, not just for tonight,
but the mornings too as I cuddle close to you,
holding you tight, never letting you go.

-The Elusive Scribe 070213-


Half Past Two


Trading smiles at half past two,
we cared nothing for the people passing by.
Our thoughts centered on the sparks that flew
across the space between us,
electrifying us to mobility,
until our steps carried us to each other.
And in the seconds that passed our eyes communed,
like long lost lovers found anew.
A tentative touch to brush off a lock of hair,
a gesture so simple yet so sweet.
Your hand reached out as did mine,
and we felt the familiar taste of fear
that only new found love can bring.
But in the depths of our hearts we knew,
that this is the one we shall hold true.


-The Elusive Scribe 042413-


A Prayer


Fair winds bring him to me,
my arms are waiting
to hold him close dear.
I’ve been waiting night and day,
waiting for his knock upon my door.
With a kiss I will welcome him
and by my hearth I will give him warmth.
His worries I will make him forget.
His pains I will steal from him.
I will make him feel life,
and what it’s like to be loved by me.
I will show him his place in my heart,
and why I’ve been waiting for him by the door,
for his shadow to grace my doorstep.
And I will shower his lips with kisses sweet,
and in my arms make him feel
that his home is nowhere else
but right here with me.