There is magic in the words your lips do utter
into the night where our shadows reside,
with the flames from the candles our only lights
reflected back within the deep pools of our eyes.
Your whispered words that get carried by the wind
trail goosebumps on flesh as your breath descends,
a spell to remove the chains that bind the fire
setting it free to course through cold skin that waits
for your touch to ignite the desire within
letting it loose and unbound on waiting silken sheets.

-eamarifosque 121513-


retreating back to the shadows that wait,
wearing silence like armor strong,
no words from lips that lie shall penetrate
to cast their spell upon this weary soul.
the warmth that came from love freely given,
has no more power to keep the chill at bay,
tendrils of ice that swirl and sway
spreads its chilling touch, freezing heart.
enveloped in ice that glistens,
no beating can be heard from within,
for the heart has already hardened
as it sits alone in its quiet despair.

-The Elusive Scribe 090913-