A Woman, Yours and Only

Treat her right and you might find
something you’ve never expected.
A woman tamed yet has fire within.
A slave, a mistress, a lover, a friend.
All these and more, you’ll find in her.
A woman, yours and only.

Shower her with your love and you might find
her lips quick to smile with impish delight.
A woman waiting to be satisfied.
A mortal, a vixen, a temptress, a sinner.
All these and more, you’ll find in her.
A woman, yours and only.

Show her what it is like to love
and you’ll never forget how she responds.
A woman cold yet brimming with passion.
A wildling, a burning ember, a jewel, a priceless treasure.
All these and more, you’ll find in her.
For she’s a woman, yours and only.



Christmas is Here

Since one of my cousins told us that we need to prepare something for our Christmas party, I came up with this short poem. Even if the presentation didn’t pull through we still had plenty of fun and laughter with several intermission numbers from our younger guests.

To all of you who are still enjoying the festivities, Merry Christmas from me to you and your loved ones. 🙂


Christmas is Here

Now that Christmas is here
let us rejoice and be of good cheer
for we are with friends and family dear
make no room for sadness or of tear.

Now that Christmas is here
let us remember our loved ones who are not here
but let us smile and whisper a prayer for they can hear
how we miss them, love them and wish they were near.

Now that Christmas is here
let us raise our glasses and drink some beer!
Let us be glad and pray that this roller coaster year
will end on a merry note to welcome the new year.



Thief in the Night

Thief in the Night

You came to me

with no hint

or warning

but left your mark on me.

Now I’m wondering

if there is more to this

talk of life, talk of poetry

of common things

and the absurd ones.

We stayed up late at night

will wonders never cease?

I thought this feeling was over

but you let me feel it again

the feeling of being wanted

of being loved and waited for.

Like a thief in the night

you stole my heart.

Now I’m waiting,


Is there more to this

fairy tale that you have started?