heart strings


blood red strings that tie me to you,
swell with every beat of my heart and yours.
tied round and round on our beating hearts,
binding us together though we are miles apart.
these lifelines that we cling to as days go by,
are fed by love that even distance can’t stop.
these knots we tie we hope won’t unravel,
but instead grow stronger as we fall more in love with each other.
until the time comes that we can be together,
to live our lives with one another.

-The Elusive Scribe 061713-


Pressed Kisses


lips that stain this satin skin with whispers of love,
goosebumps appearing on smooth surface,
with every puff of breath coming from kisses
pressed against the innocence of my being.
oh how i love the way your lips dance
on this flesh that burns with quiet anticipation,
for the searing kisses that you smilingly bestow
on parched land craving for that soft pressure of
lips that cling so familiarly on places already discovered.
surrendering to the exquisite feel of lips on skin,
this heavenly bliss cannot be replaced nor replicated,
for your love is translated to every pressed kiss
that this body has been asking for for so long.

-The Elusive Scribe 060613-


Come Home


to me and in my arms tonight,
let me hold you close to my chest
with my heart pressed close to you.

come home to me and rest by my hearth,
let me ease your troubles
and banish your pain.

come home to me and be at peace,
let me love you the way you
should be loved with abandon.

come home to me and you’ll never have to
wake up alone and hurting any more.
for i will be here for you my darling,
this i promise as long as you come home to me.

-The Elusive Scribe 052913-




I will write your name on pillars of sand
and etch your name on stones littering the ground.
I will carve your name on barks of wood
and print your name on blank pieces of paper.
I will call out your name against the night
and it will echo well beyond the daylight.
I will whisper your name to the stars
and I will sing your name to the angels above.
I will taste your name as it rolls from my lips
and I will delight in your name as I say it over
and over again.

-The Elusive Scribe 052713-


Shapeless We Are

Shapeless we are in this world we create,
with our minds that long for an escape from
the cruel injustices inflicted on two hearts,
that yearn for complete surrender to a love
they know is right from the very start.

Shapeless we are with our souls adrift in space,
seeking out our other half in this eternal darkness
to make us come alive and whole once more,
and see the beauty in life through each other’s eyes.

-The Elusive Scribe 052113-




Freely falling in love with the idea of love,
that clings to the very lips of yours that I wish to kiss,
with selfless abandon just to share this wish.

That you fall in love with this soul that weeps,
for the softest touch that you can bestow
on satin skin like petals on flowers that grow.

Caressing with deep seated love coming from the
that knows how sensuous fingertips can be
when they move ever so slowly against a feverish

Mapping territories with every dip and glide
of splayed fingers that explore unchartered lands,
until they find the treasure buried deep within,
and claim it for its own to be awaken by your

-eamarifosque 051313-