It’s enough that I love


It’s enough that I love
the very thought of you,
even from afar I can still feel
the heartache of longing,
penetrating deep within
knowing that it’s impossible
this love I have for you.

It’s enough that I love
those moments we have,
even if they’re just minutes,
rolling to hours,
for days even weeks are beyond us
because I know it won’t be possible
this very thing that I want the most.

It’s enough that I love
the very dream of me and you,
the one we hope we could build
you and I together
perhaps in the future
if the fate allows.

It’s enough that I love
the very essence of us
even as this distance
is keeping us apart
in this world where we are
but two souls searching
the light in each other’s eyes.

-eamarifosque 070713-


No Subtlety

There is no subtlety with the way
these words form in this jagged mind of mine.
They rage and roil and rush in torrents,
coalescing without coherence,
as I struggle to understand
what thoughts are trying to form
in this vast emptiness that they are trying to fill
with words freely flowing with uncertainty,
trying to capture the essence of it all.

The reasons why these words burn and blaze along
leaving trails of memories and forgotten images
of lost loves and present lover
held captive by these unspoken words swirling
in the inky blackness of this mind
that longs for the light.
And to finally unravel the right words from these lips
to tell you the true meaning of this feeling that I have,
the feeling that I call love and all the madness it
comes with it.

-The Elusive Scribe 070613-



Between the sorrows that rain down on me
and the boundless troubles i’m standing on,
there is hope still that comes to save me,
from the anger that seeps and the pain that builds,
between the shadows of my past
and the uncertainty of my future.
i will face them all and be steadfast as i can be.
for i will hold on to the promise i made to thee,
that even though miles lie between us
and our paths rarely cross,
even between the silence that reigns both night and
I will keep the same love I’ve offered you before.
Even when doubts rage and rattle my bones and
I will keep the love you’ve kindled in me,
until the planets and stars align
and guide you back home to me.

-The Elusive Scribe 070313-


You would have been mine

You would have been mine if only I had the courage
to give voice to the thoughts that run in my mind
and the feelings that toss and turn in my heart.

You would have felt the warmth in my every embrace

and the love that wells up inside me,
as I press to your lips the kisses I longed to give.

You would have savored the words I whisper to your ears,
as they burn their way slowly to your cheeks staining them red,
and make your heart beat faster than ever.

You would have been mine, my sweet, not just for tonight,
but the mornings too as I cuddle close to you,
holding you tight, never letting you go.

-The Elusive Scribe 070213-


by your side


i will lie by your side and watch you deep in sleep,
loving the way my hands cradle your head as you
put your trust in me.
these moments when everything is right with the
just the two of us, loving every single moment that
our hearts have in store for us.
until the morrow comes and we’ll go back to a world
where we can’t do anything but be apart,
waiting for the end that we often speak of in dreams,
where we are the ones who will write our happy

-eamarifosque 062413-


heart shaped moon


there’s a heart shaped moon tonight,
a tribute to lost lovers old and new,
reminding them of whom they loved and lost,
reasons why they now feel so alone.

there’s a heart shaped moon tonight,
that gazes down upon tear steaked faces,
offering comfort in its gentle light,
as it shines brightly beyond the shadows of the night.

there’s a heart shaped moon tonight,
that brings together lonely souls adrift,
fingers tracing surfaces with intimate familiarity,
until their outlines become imprinted in memory.

there’s a heart shaped moon tonight,
touching lovers, fueling hope and desire,
stirring passion from the ashes of forgetfulness,
until fire ignites and consumes them to eternity.

-The Elusive Scribe 061913-


It was your smile…


that unmade me the first time we met,
the curve of your lips and that sparkle in your eyes.
how can i define the beauty that i found in you?
it was your smile that i keep turning back to,
how it blossomed into a delightful laugh
whe we started to discover who we were
in the stories that we filled the hours with.
how perfect that moment was when
we understood why our paths crossed again.
it was true that it was your smile that unmade me,
but it was your love that made me whole once more.

-The Elusive Scribe 061513-