stirring from the ashes of once forgotten hearth
rising like molten heat breaking the surface
it flows still down the barren canals
where echoes of tears used to tread
melting away remnants of fears
bringing life to dead limbs
cheeks suffused with blood

brilliant are the eyes that open to the skies
a wisp of breath escapes from parted lips
waking from a nightmare embraced
the cold no longer bothers her
as melting icicles of loneliness
pool beneath her dainty feet
dissolving in the heat

reborn from the scattered debris of shattered love
the shackles of emptiness are now laid bare
hands and feet will no longer be dragged
down into the well of familiar despair
for the sun is rising with warmth
and the chilling night
no longer remains

-©eamarifosque 053014-



sinking slowly in troubled waters,
soft current tugging persistently
on hands muddied by the sins of yesterday,
softening hardened heart until clean
washing away scars left by falling crystal tears
renew this soul as it takes a fall
into your cold, cold embrace
strip away the aches and pains
with your scalding iciness that burns
leave nothing but innocence lost
and give birth to a new soul.

-The Elusive Scribe 101013-