That moment when our eyes first met
your words hypnotized the very thoughts in me
tying them up like knots on a string
how can i think coherently?
What magic is this that drives me on
wanting, needing and craving for more?
your touch that glides like butterfly wings,
your kiss that ignites the passion within.
how wonderful it would be to wake up
wrapped in the warmth of your arms,
knowing that I’m safe and secure in your love.
What would I give to make them all come true,
transform these dreams into my reality?

-eamarifosque 120213-



Daydreaming of a life with you,
waking up beside you,
a kiss to give your lips I will,
cuddle closer let’s hide under covers.
A dream to be a reality
with closed eyes still waiting,
hoping that soon it will be true,
this daydream where I belong to you.

-Th Elusive Scribe 092813-