Even Darkness Dreams


Daylight dreams of rainbows and sunshine,
flowers blooming and robins singing.
Darkness dreams of lovers holding hands,
and sweet tales carried by the whispering wind.

Daylight dreams of sunflower fields waving,
and the laughter of children frolicking.
Darkness dreams of moonlit valleys with
fireflies for their company.

Daylight dreams of hopes and merrymaking.
Darkness dreams of tragedies and lovemaking.
Daylight may sleep on a bed of roses,
but darkness dreams on a bed of nightmares.

-The Elusive Scribe 040713-


Through Your Eyes


Through your eyes I saw how pretty life can be,
even when the sun gets obscured by dark clouds,
and the rain comes down pouring hard,
it will always end like problems do
with a bit of sunshine and rainbows too.

Through your eyes I saw how darkness can easily
the mind of someone lost in love and hurt,
but then you showed me what loving hands can do
to hidden wounds and scars of long ago.

Through your eyes I saw how I can be a better version
of me,
when I thought I can go no further you were the one
who pulled me onwards.
Now it’s my turn to show you how wonderful life can
if only you took the time to stop and see the world
right here with me.


-The Elusive Scribe 041613-