Catching Rainbows


Catching rainbows on the palms of her hand,
with feet immersed in the cold, cold waters,
with the current tugging at her toes,
tickling her with such childish delight.

Her laughter reaching the silent skies,
when her palms ended up with a profusion of colors,
fingers all stretched out like a painter’s brush,
painting the world with all the colors of the rainbow.

-eamarifosque 041113-


Disco ball

groovy baby!

Swirling lights that coruscate,
colors blooming on shadowed walls.
Giving life to darkened chambers
when all the lights are turned off.
Turning round and round
like hundreds of stars that glisten,
rainbow dots on a rounded ball
slowly dancing the night away.


-eamarifosque 041813-


What’s A Little


What’s a little pain every now and then?
Even when you bleed, wounds do heal.
Scars can get left behind
along with their memories,
but the pain you can keep inside,
under a lock and key.

What’s a little hurt from time to time?
You’re alive hence you feel.
But the hurt can disappear if you allow it to,
and replace it with something better,
even when you feel like there is nothing
that will make you smile once more.

What’s a little bit of goodbyes,
when lovers go their separate ways?
When the morrow might bring a bit of rainbow
after the rain?
Bringing solace after all the hurt and pain.



-eamarifosque 041113-