You wrap your sadness around you

Like a cloak, a protection of sorts

Afraid to look, afraid to see

Afraid to feel what could have beens

And you tighten your hold

Upon your loneliness

Never realizing that someone sees you

Your fears and the scars that you bear

Waiting for you to just let go of it all

So you’ll see that you’re someone to somebody

And that somebody is me

-TheElusiveScribe 04022017-


100 Days

A hundred days has come and gone
but I’m still here, and I’m undone
I have watched your shadow recede
from the doorstep, I start to bleed
the longing is strong for I weep
constantly, even when I’m asleep
yearning for the warmth that you give
for this cold heart just learned to live
Now I’m counting the days ’til you are here
for in your arms, I will know no fear

-The Elusive Scribe 03162017-


As Always

Lovers have darkened her doorstep,
flowers they showered her with
and between the sheets they whispered
that she was the only one they need

As always tears had come and stained her cheeks,
now they’ve dried though some still cling
upon her lashes like misty dewdrops
waiting, waiting to fall

And from the darkness garbled love songs play
echoing her sadness, enhancing her loss
for as the music plays she’s still alone
waiting for her lovers though no one came at all

-The Elusive Scribe 02062017-