It was your smile…


that unmade me the first time we met,
the curve of your lips and that sparkle in your eyes.
how can i define the beauty that i found in you?
it was your smile that i keep turning back to,
how it blossomed into a delightful laugh
whe we started to discover who we were
in the stories that we filled the hours with.
how perfect that moment was when
we understood why our paths crossed again.
it was true that it was your smile that unmade me,
but it was your love that made me whole once more.

-The Elusive Scribe 061513-


These Paths We Take


These paths we take are so unsure,
so we left bread crumbs to guide us home.
But with every twist and turn we take,
we slowly fall apart just the same.
Until we’re down on the ground in tears,
lost and alone, broken into pieces.

We tried to get up but to no avail,
with our skinned knees and scarred hearts
pulling us back down.
But here we are still hoping to rise,
against the heavy weight of our desperate plight.

These paths we take are so unsure,
yet strength shall fuel us on.
And we shall reach the end one of these days,
and in peace we shall rest because we’re finally

-The Elusive Scribe 051713-