Cold Fingers







slowly your cold fingers touch mine
numbing their senses as i flex them in time
sitting here waiting for the sun to rise
to thaw the ice that you bring with your smile.
wrapped in red wool with a cup of coffee in hand
tendrils of warmth float to reddened cheeks
at last i can feel the sun’s solemn caress
as its rays dance upon my window sill.

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 012614-


Pain in Real Love

Can pain exist in something beautiful
like real love bestowed with innocence?
Can it lay waste the blossoming garden
where seeds of hope and dreams were planted?
Can pain break the melodic laughter
and replace it with ringing silence?
Can it harden the softest of hearts
and turn it into an unforgiving stone?
Can pain dampen the fire bursting inside,
leaving behind nothing but ashes?
Can it darken once bright eyes
and cause rivers of tears to flow?
Can pain be embedded within the joy of loving,
then break out like thorns on roses?
Can it silence the words that often flow
from lips that love has taught to speak?
Can pain take over the light that burns
and bring with it the shadows of despair?
Can it chill the blood that flows,
and numb body, mind and soul?

-The Elusive Scribe 113013-