The March of Words





I can hear them pounding the streets
with their heavy footfalls echoing
against the walls of my crowded mind.
The letters come marching arm in arm
conjuring ideas from words like magic
out they come from their hiding places
drowning me in their raucous din.
I could hear their voices rising
clamoring to be heard, wanting my attention
begging for me to write them down on paper.
My hands are shaking in anticipation
wondering how the march of words will appear
once I start to bleed my pen
staining blank pages that await
the kiss of the nib on their virgin skin.

-The Elusive Scribe 010814-



Where can i find solitude amidst the noise
that battle enraged in this head of mine?
thoughts that fight, either wrong or right,
clamoring for release, begging to be freed.
pen and paper are no match for the ruckus
causing bleeding ink to drip senselessly
on virgin paper mingling with tears.

Peace is all i want yet my mind won’t stop
thinking thoughts that plant seeds of doubt
tried so hard to stop the angry flow,
yet they come relentlessly, causing my undoing.
For the thoughts that flow from mind to paper
scream out in anger and hate, the turmoil within,
stripping away the gates that bar them
from ever seeing the light of day.

-The Elusive Scribe 092413-


Stealing Creativity


In a blink of an eye they fade,
back to their lonesomeness they play,
with thoughts captured from an active mind,
rolled and bounced about with childish delight.

Can’t be seen and yet they’re there,
like ghostly apparitions that come and go.
Stealing your creative thoughts from time to time,
leaving you with a blank stare and thoughtless mind.

These devilish imps love creative minds,
their source of food and playful past time.
Who would have thought that they’re living inside?
Only when words fail will you hear their ruckus,
a chaos against the stillness of your thoughts.

-The Elusive Scribe 031613-