Mirror, Mirror

Hey you, yeah, you,
why do you bleed so freely?
Your body is a road map of scars,
cracked but healing.
The pain is there, I can feel it
but why smile when you should be weeping?

I haven’t got a clue
why my tears do not come
but this smile is my shield
my protection for my sanity
for once it cracks I will see
the holes embedded in me

-The Elusive Scribe 03072017-









Oh you wicked spirit
you have a hold on this heart
that bleeds for that elusive feeling
that others professed to be love

You toyed with the dying embers
fanning it into roaring flames
a quick kiss and promises
burned all inhibitions away

That smile you bestow
set butterflies aflutter
attempting to spread their wings
to take flight on love’s embrace

Yet it was all a farce was it not?
The nights when your lips are pressed close to ears
professing love that was just an illusion
and dreams that were meant to shatter

How could anyone resist
that charm you exude
that ensnares starved hearts
helpless under your spell?

Perfect you were in these eyes
but it was just a mask you wore
the devil inside you played me false
luring me into your deadly embrace

Yet you were adored
by hands trailing fingers
feeling the hunger within
feeding it with my own

But now all is silent
even the wind’s whispers are dulled
all that is real is the spreading pain
riding the waves of tears

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 042214-