See the light that burns
behind these eyes
as they gaze upon your beauty

A chance meeting
in a world wrapped in coded sequences
putting smiles on our faces.

Hit enter to send
words typed into the void
sending sweet shivers down
where they were meant to be.

Endless we thought
this chance encounter will be
yet we’re still apart
how long can this be?

We suffer in silence
while we put on our masks
convince the world with a smile
planted to disguise
the longing and heartache
this secret yearning only we can feel.

Lovers true yet bound by the wiles of fate
keeping us apart, prolonging our agony
extending our misery.

-The Elusive Scribe 071013-


heart shaped moon


there’s a heart shaped moon tonight,
a tribute to lost lovers old and new,
reminding them of whom they loved and lost,
reasons why they now feel so alone.

there’s a heart shaped moon tonight,
that gazes down upon tear steaked faces,
offering comfort in its gentle light,
as it shines brightly beyond the shadows of the night.

there’s a heart shaped moon tonight,
that brings together lonely souls adrift,
fingers tracing surfaces with intimate familiarity,
until their outlines become imprinted in memory.

there’s a heart shaped moon tonight,
touching lovers, fueling hope and desire,
stirring passion from the ashes of forgetfulness,
until fire ignites and consumes them to eternity.

-The Elusive Scribe 061913-


Even Darkness Dreams


Daylight dreams of rainbows and sunshine,
flowers blooming and robins singing.
Darkness dreams of lovers holding hands,
and sweet tales carried by the whispering wind.

Daylight dreams of sunflower fields waving,
and the laughter of children frolicking.
Darkness dreams of moonlit valleys with
fireflies for their company.

Daylight dreams of hopes and merrymaking.
Darkness dreams of tragedies and lovemaking.
Daylight may sleep on a bed of roses,
but darkness dreams on a bed of nightmares.

-The Elusive Scribe 040713-


What’s A Little


What’s a little pain every now and then?
Even when you bleed, wounds do heal.
Scars can get left behind
along with their memories,
but the pain you can keep inside,
under a lock and key.

What’s a little hurt from time to time?
You’re alive hence you feel.
But the hurt can disappear if you allow it to,
and replace it with something better,
even when you feel like there is nothing
that will make you smile once more.

What’s a little bit of goodbyes,
when lovers go their separate ways?
When the morrow might bring a bit of rainbow
after the rain?
Bringing solace after all the hurt and pain.



-eamarifosque 041113-


Enter the Night

This one I wrote in the dead of the night. I don’t know what possessed me (maybe, the little ink elf) to write this. I just stirred from my reverie then started pounding on the keyboards to type this poem. 🙂


Enter the Night

The night fast approaches

I sit back and watch as darkness encroaches

over streetlamps and traveling coaches

enveloping sweethearts exchanging smooches.

The night fast approaches

I could see my pen leaving blotches

on paper white and grainy notches

leaving hands with black stained patches.

The night fast approaches

I could finally see the moon that bewitches

lovers arm in arm sitting on benches

unaware of the night that fast approaches.



Poetry: Softly Love

Softly Love

Softly, lover, softly

there is no rush so speak slowly.

Ours is the day and the beautiful night,

the sun, the stars, and the moon so bright.

Slowly, dear heart, slowly

let us not give in to temptations so easily.

Let us savor each moment with kisses so light,

lest our touches scorch us and bodies ignite.

Softly, sweetheart, softly

speak softly of our future together perfectly.

Ours is a love that can take flight,

on a tumultuous ride of dizzying height.