waiting for the faintest of traces of the sun,
parting night’s ethereal sheets laid on sleeping souls
that silently stir on a bed of dreams.
fingers running down on delicate skin
the faintest of blush blooms on cheeks,
the breath of life passed with the lightest of kiss,
lifting the corners of lover’s lips into a shadow of a smile,
a boon given come the morning’s light.
a runaway breeze blows gently caressing silken hair,
a whisper of sigh escapes parted lips that seeks another kiss.
a honeyed treat, a perfect beginning,
for a morning wrapped in arms where comfort is,
a world unfamiliar yet worth getting lost in.

-eamarifosque 082813-


No Subtlety

There is no subtlety with the way
these words form in this jagged mind of mine.
They rage and roil and rush in torrents,
coalescing without coherence,
as I struggle to understand
what thoughts are trying to form
in this vast emptiness that they are trying to fill
with words freely flowing with uncertainty,
trying to capture the essence of it all.

The reasons why these words burn and blaze along
leaving trails of memories and forgotten images
of lost loves and present lover
held captive by these unspoken words swirling
in the inky blackness of this mind
that longs for the light.
And to finally unravel the right words from these lips
to tell you the true meaning of this feeling that I have,
the feeling that I call love and all the madness it
comes with it.

-The Elusive Scribe 070613-


Mystical Moon


Mystical moon that lounges on glittering skies,
hear this lonesome creature’s pleas.
When night comes she begs of thee,
to grant her wishes if you please.

First grant her wish for a night that lasts.
Second, for the stars to come alive.
Third, for her lover true to stay.

And in that starry night they’ll dance
to their own music without sound.
Just two bodies merging as one,
mirroring each other,
by the grace of the moonlight.

And when the morning comes it will find,
a lonely creature bathed in delight,
holding the hand of her lover true,
and kissing idle lips with a tenderness so pure.



A Woman, Yours and Only

Treat her right and you might find
something you’ve never expected.
A woman tamed yet has fire within.
A slave, a mistress, a lover, a friend.
All these and more, you’ll find in her.
A woman, yours and only.

Shower her with your love and you might find
her lips quick to smile with impish delight.
A woman waiting to be satisfied.
A mortal, a vixen, a temptress, a sinner.
All these and more, you’ll find in her.
A woman, yours and only.

Show her what it is like to love
and you’ll never forget how she responds.
A woman cold yet brimming with passion.
A wildling, a burning ember, a jewel, a priceless treasure.
All these and more, you’ll find in her.
For she’s a woman, yours and only.