if your lips falter on its way to mine,
i will rescue it with a kiss of my own,
where its touch will seal this love sublime,
and bring it back to its rightful home.
where it will not be wasted or forgotten,
but instead planted deep within the heart,
where it will be cultivated until it blooms
unfurling beauty perfected by time.

-eamarifosque 091113-


I burn under your steady gaze
that lingers even when clouds block your sight.
The heat that permeates singes skin
browning surface in just minutes.
I cannot move, there is no place to hide,
should I ask for blessed shade to come?
Or embrace the warmth that seeps
breathing life to this cold soul
left by night’s chilling kiss?

-The Elusive Scribe 090513-


There’s a thousand pictures of you
flying in my head,
those moments that we spent together,
every glance, every smile, every touch,
all dancing in my head.

There’s a thousand words I’ve yet to say,
still clinging to lips unsaid,
wanting to say with every kiss I can give
to your lips I’ve been wanting to taste.

There’s a thousand songs running in my head,
songs I wish I can sing to you,
as I cradle your head in my arms
where you rightly belong.

There’s a thousand reasons why I’m in love with you,
but only one I keep coming back to,
you’re the coolest cat I know,
and one I’ll love forever more.

-The Elusive Scribe 082613-



My lips are sealed unless it’s your name
that I need to say,
your name that wormed its way to my heart
and soul.
I want to savor your name as it rolls from my lips
like the sweetest kiss you gave me to hold.
It’s your name that I often whisper well into the night,
before I fall asleep hoping to see you in my dreams tonight.
It’s your name that I carry with me, the one I draw strength from,
for your name I’ve branded in this heart of mine,
hoping it will never disappear from sight.

-eamarifosque 082113-




Time to let go of the pain,
the broken songs that you used to play,
on that guitar battered and bruised,
a witness to your many heartaches
and numbered sadness.
Strum a different tune,
one of beauty indescribable.
Let the notes take form
and the words pour forth
from lips that have tasted
the sweetness of a kiss so tender.
Make music out of love,
sing a story from your beating heart,
let the world hear the joy dying to escape
the tender smile that creeps
on your face so used to frowns,
and let them see what love can do,
when given without waiting,
without asking for anything in return.

-The Elusive Scribe 071213-


If I Could


If I could wake up to the sound of your voice
calling me for breakfast,
I will jump out of bed without pause
because I know you’re waiting for me.

If I could call you up any time I want
and listen to your voice that makes me melt,
I will not hang up at all but spend the day
trading stories with you.

If I could laugh at our silly antics
while listening to that deep chuckle of yours,
I know I will never have any reason at all
to shed tears of sadness when I’m with you.

If I could hear you whisper my name
with such longing and passion,
I will not waste another minute at all
but I will find a way to be with you.

If I could close my eyes with the thought
that I will wake up to your voice,
I will gladly kiss you goodnight
and whisper, “I love you.”

-eamarifosque 052913-


Trapped Soul


Four walls of stoic silence looming above the
boxing in a fragile soul tapping round and round.
Seeking a hole in which it could squeeze through,
to breathe life its silent sentinels robbed her of.

Clouds of darkness shield the day from giving life
to her transparent soul iridescent in the shadows,
that is constantly rapping, tapping on the thick walls.
Her only dream was to break away from her lonely
and live beyond the walls of her eternal prison.

Where she can breathe in the sweet air of freedom,
and taste the sweetness of life.
To look up at the skies and send a kiss to the sun,
and lie down on soft grass as the moon comes up to
bid her a blessed night.

Where she can dance with abandon as flowers blown
by the wind swirl around her.
To wade in the cool, blue waters of the rivers and the
and eat the fruits borne from the earth when hunger
takes place.

Yet her dreams are still beyond her reach,
the walls remain silent and thick.
No one can hear her cries from beyond,
for the silent sentinels have barred everyone.

-The Elusive Scribe 043013-