I do not deserve your icy silence
that chills the flesh and kills the soul.
I don’t deserve this loneliness
that you’re putting me through.
I’ve done nothing to warrant such treatment
but here I am suffering from your misplaced silence.
I don’t recall ever leaving you in the dark,
since all I’ve ever wanted was to bring you some light,
yet you remain indifferent to the pain you cause,
a steady nothing from you hurts me to the core.
How easy it is for you to retreat in silence,
knowing that there’s someone out there waiting for your call.
How quickly you forget that I’ve always been here for you,
don’t you know you’re breaking me apart,
with your never ending silence that cuts ever so deep,
slowly severing ties that bind
me to you and you to me?

-The Elusive Scribe 100613-


A Virus that Kills


Flushed cheeks and labored breathing,
pulse beating and pounding like crazy.
The noise of the crowd is receding,
hearing nothing but you speaking.
Trembling hands and weakened knees,
what madness is this, can you tell me please?
My mind’s thoughts are all quiet and still,
cold as ice like last year’s winter’s chill.
I am tempted to reach out and kiss
those lips of yours to taste real bliss.
But perhaps this is just a prelude to a dream,
where things may not be what they seem.
Or a deadly virus that is spreading inside me,
and one that I won’t do anything but leave it be.


-The Elusive Scribe 042513-