Read Me

Read me with trembling hands
tracing the shape of my eyes that see
the beauty that you’re hiding from me
let your lips glide across mine
a whisper’s breadth in between
trembling fingers flow hesitantly
upon curves and valleys hidden
read me as you would your secrets
carefully, and with reverence
unfold me gently and we’ll go exploring
you and me in the darkness and light
we’ll find the fire that we yearn for

-The Elusive Scribe 01312017-


if you’re only here

there are worlds left to discover,
roads that need to be traveled,
a journey worth taking,
if you’re only here.

there are millions of pages to be written,
a billion words to write,
stories to be written and told,
if you’re only here.

there are moments for us to live,
seconds to spare that feels like eternity,
precious moments waiting to be made,
if you’re only here.

there are beautiful mornings for us to wake up to,
and nights for our desires and dreams,
there is always something new to experience,
if only you’re here.

-The Elusive Scribe 082913-


Run Away


There is nothing holding me back
so I will run as fast as I can
to your open arms that I know
will hold me and never let me go.
I will fly away from this world
that grief and pain have rocked,
only to ride the waves of time
until I find my way to you.
For in your arms I feel secure,
and upon your chest I learned
that there is a heart that beats
for me and me alone.
Ask me to run away with you,
and I will not look back,
no strings or ropes will tie me down,
for this journey that I am taking,
is the one that I will only make with you.

-The Elusive Scribe 062613-