I Want You






i want to savor every bit of you
hands holding you close
hungrily tasting your essence
that sweetness exploding
in my mouth

oh how i want to make this last
with every lick of the tongue
you make my tastebuds tingle
that sensation so familiar
i want more of you

dripping from these lips
as you melt from the heat
that my desire breathes
into your coldness
your sweetness

i want you
to cool this burning ache
let my lips linger
closer to you
until you are no more

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 041014-


I burn under your steady gaze
that lingers even when clouds block your sight.
The heat that permeates singes skin
browning surface in just minutes.
I cannot move, there is no place to hide,
should I ask for blessed shade to come?
Or embrace the warmth that seeps
breathing life to this cold soul
left by night’s chilling kiss?

-The Elusive Scribe 090513-


I will feed you to the fire,
the flames that burn inside my heart.
You will be its food,
the one it will consume for eternity.
The heat will penetrate you,
yet the flames will leave you unmarked,
for my heart will not have you harmed, no
for you are loved above and beyond.

-The Elusive Scribe 081813-