It Was

It was the way you held my hand
and how you gazed into my eyes,
that caused this heart to beat so frantically.
It was that smile you gave me
and the way you caressed my face
that sent shivers down my spine.
It was the way you spoke to me
and the way you stood proud beside me
that made me fall in love so easily.
It was the way you sit in silence
and the way you listened to me
that taught me that I am never alone.
It was the way you made me laugh
and how you eased the frown from my brows
that made me want you even more.
It was the way you kissed me softly
and the way you hold me close to your heart
that told me that I’m quite lucky
having you in my life.

-eamarifosque 073113-


Slow Motion


There is nothing like watching you sitting solitary,
in your own world nursing a bottle of beer.
Your gaze turns inward as you watch bubbles form,
on the bottom of your mug foaming to the top.

I watch you take a sip of that yellow liquor,
and how your lips form a thin line of distaste.
Yet you downed the whole drink effortlessly,
and I could see that your mind’s already wandering.

How can I not see that it was you who held my gaze?
Even from afar you’re the one my eyes keep coming back to?
Heaven help me, I think I’m falling,
for you’re moving in slow motion,
and my heart’s beating rapidly.