My Muse

pen poised over paper
dangling in mid-air
the words, they don’t come
for my muse went away
and in his wake
disjointed thoughts remain
unable to reconnect
these fragments of words
like dried leaves constantly
being swept away
by the wind blowing
as the door where my muse
passed through
remains open

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 011515-


wide awake but still dreaming

eyes opened to dawn’s perfection,
apple blossom skies linger like your affection,
wide awake but still dreaming,
of your lips i wish i was still kissing.
still in bed refusing to stand,
even when nudged by morning’s hand,
wide awake but still seeing,
fragments of dreams back when i was sleeping.
burying myself deep under the covers,
wishing we’re still entwined like lovers,
now that i’m wide awake, no longer dreaming,
my heart knows it’s you i am missing.

-eamarifosque 090213-