I’ve been following the footprintsimages you’ve left behind,
on the sands where we had walked before,
but in just a blink of an eye they all disappeared,
swallowed by the sea, erasing them from memory,
leaving me with sadness standing by the shore.

I’ve walked the sands of time with you,
holding your hand, watching the waves,
transporting us to dreamscapes we’ve built,
with our merged minds just the way our souls did,
right then we created magic, right then we became one.

And yet, here we are, the waves washed away your traces.
Could it be that you were just an old memory,
one that I keep on coming back to?
Will I ever discern the reality from my dream,
knowing that you’re in one but not in the other?

-The Elusive Scribe 080713-