Across the Space






Is it that hard to reach across the space
with our fingertips almost touching
straining against the void
the blackness that surrounds us?
Would our hands ever touch
banishing the distance
locking fingers in a clasp
holding fast, holding tight?
Can we claim what’s ours
even as judging eyes follow
unafraid by each others side
with our hands entwined?
Is this the right time for us
to be bold in face of all the odds
that everything we hoped for
will be possible as our worlds collide?

-The Elusive Scribe 011614-









watching the waves unfurl
their fingers from their fists
enticing, seducing
singing out their songs
mesmerizing watching eyes
with their diamond surface
reflecting sun’s beauty
as the soft wind ruffles
with longing kisses
the ocean’s tresses.

-The Elusive Scribe 011314-


Fingers painting different paths to wonderland,
on smooth roads hold sacred by lips pressing kisses
to blushing flesh that burns bright as day,
with every reverent kiss placed on thirsting land
for that fiery touch only your fingertips can bring.
Exploring hands that leave invisible marks,
binding and branding both this heart and soul,
sealed with passion and desire combined,
until we reach the highest peak of our love divine.

-eamarifosque 092413-