Flying High

photo credit: lennycampello.com

photo credit: lennycampello.com










hand in hand we took flight
in wings formed on exquisite words
that flowed from lips that turn to kiss
awaiting hearts entwined
dreaming upon clouds of silk
as our body lies in blissful sleep

we soared way up high
riding the waves of laughter
that echo well into the night
as we imagined together
dreams of a future so bright
as we traversed the infinite skies

and we danced to the music
our beating hearts created
with sweet words forming in our lips
and with every sway and twirl
our shadows below meld
into a single soul

until dawn arrives
and we fall back home
into sleeping bodies that wait
waking up with smiles on our lips
as the sun slowly kisses
our bodies bound to earth

-©The Elusive Scribe 041614-




wide awake but still dreaming

eyes opened to dawn’s perfection,
apple blossom skies linger like your affection,
wide awake but still dreaming,
of your lips i wish i was still kissing.
still in bed refusing to stand,
even when nudged by morning’s hand,
wide awake but still seeing,
fragments of dreams back when i was sleeping.
burying myself deep under the covers,
wishing we’re still entwined like lovers,
now that i’m wide awake, no longer dreaming,
my heart knows it’s you i am missing.

-eamarifosque 090213-


Constance Dreaming


Constance dreaming in a dreamless world,
the usual humdrum never bothering her,
buzzing, bleating, bloating and bleeding,
around her the world is decaying,

Constance dreaming of lush valleys dotted with
of butter colored skies that deepen to golden hue,
of oceans dipped in the bluest of blue,
around her a living and breathing world.

Constance dreaming of a world forgotten,
and in her silent repose she is smiling,
she sleeps with an innocence in a world of malice,
never waking but constantly dreaming.

-The Elusive Scribe 022313-