In the Middle of Nowhere

I find myself thinking,
why was I abandoned here?
In the middle of nowhere
where there is nothing to see
nor water to break the monotony?
Just a never ending land
devoid of personality.
How do I even know
that I’m in the middle of anything?
Must be a glitch in my brain
or I am still dreaming.
Why am I here?
In the most desolate of places?
Where tumbleweeds are my only company?
I can feel fine white sand submerging my feet
soothing me with its soft caresses.
I feel trapped in an endless world,
a speck of imagination easily crushed
by the weight of loneliness.
I can see the dunes forming
so I will lie down and dream
that I’ll be miles away when I wake up
instead of being trapped
in the middle of nowhere.


– The Elusive Scribe 040513-


Make Your Way

Make your way into my arms, my dear,
and I promise you’ll have nothing to fear.
You’ve grown tired and weary of sweet promises,
but in me you can find peace.
For I won’t waste the love you’ve given me,
but plant it in my heart and let it bloom.
Until it has grown proud and beautiful
and its roots entwine our hearts as one.
And under its shade we’ll lie peacefully,
and dream of better days
with arms around each other.

-eamarifosque 032813-


Give me a Kiss

Give me a kiss before you leave my bed
and I will bring it with me when I dream tonight.
A kiss that lingers in my lips forever,
until you come back and wake me up
from the sweetest dream back to reality.
With you in my arms making me breathless,
with every touch we share and kisses deep,
giving life to cold hands and feet.
Every whisper of breath that sears sweat covered flesh
a taste of sweet mornings in your arms that please
a hungry soul aching for release.