On a Sunless Day


No words are said on this sunless day,
where shadows loom and the lights have gone dim.
Just a trail of tears smudged by fingers,
shaking off fears, damning the weeks,
that made her feel as if she’s forever alone.
Confusion comes to rattle her brain,
conjuring doubts to cloud her mind.
A scream forms from the depths of her soul,
crying for release, begging to be free.
Yet trapped in her sadness she remains,
wrapped in a shroud of misery until the end of her days.

-The Elusive Scribe 062513-


Don’t Steal the Light


don’t steal the light from me,
with your dark thoughts that lie heavy
and brooding on your shoulders.
for i am lost without it.
the light in me i cling to with hope,
lest i succumb to my own shadows
that linger on the edges of my mind.

don’t steal the light from me,
for this is the comfort i wrap myself with
when the nights are long and i’m on my own
with you far away from me.
this light that i draw strength from
as i falter in my desire to be strong
when doubts start to come and invade my very being.

don’t steal the light from me,
with your careless and hurtful words
that you inflict so thoughtlessly.
i am human and words can slice through me,
breaking carefully constructed walls
that i build to protect the light
that i keep within.

don’t steal the light from me,
for i cannot let the darkness swallow
what’s left of my positivity.
the days will only go longer,
when the shadows come and take me
for it will be long before i find my way back to the
place where i found the real me.

-The Elusive Scribe 062213-