Trail of Words





let me write a trail of words
that speak what’s in my heart
read them well and pray do tell
if you feel the same way too.

can’t stop the words from pouring
from lips to hands before mingling
with the blackest of inks that shape
these emotions that rage within.

let me write then in words
the truth that this heart yearns to speak
that in the chaos it learns to love still
the beauty in this madness that you bring.

can’t fight the flow of words
i guess i don’t even want to
it’s the only way for me to reach you
speaking in silence from a distance.

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 012814-


It’s enough that I love


It’s enough that I love
the very thought of you,
even from afar I can still feel
the heartache of longing,
penetrating deep within
knowing that it’s impossible
this love I have for you.

It’s enough that I love
those moments we have,
even if they’re just minutes,
rolling to hours,
for days even weeks are beyond us
because I know it won’t be possible
this very thing that I want the most.

It’s enough that I love
the very dream of me and you,
the one we hope we could build
you and I together
perhaps in the future
if the fate allows.

It’s enough that I love
the very essence of us
even as this distance
is keeping us apart
in this world where we are
but two souls searching
the light in each other’s eyes.

-eamarifosque 070713-