On a Sunless Day


No words are said on this sunless day,
where shadows loom and the lights have gone dim.
Just a trail of tears smudged by fingers,
shaking off fears, damning the weeks,
that made her feel as if she’s forever alone.
Confusion comes to rattle her brain,
conjuring doubts to cloud her mind.
A scream forms from the depths of her soul,
crying for release, begging to be free.
Yet trapped in her sadness she remains,
wrapped in a shroud of misery until the end of her days.

-The Elusive Scribe 062513-


Decomposing Love


Tethered to the night, this love is slowly dying,
fed to the winds in hopes it will reach you in time.
But the stillness of the wind trapped it in space,
unable to fly free and find your heart.

Disillusioned with silence and fearing abandonment,
it searches for a place to crash its body and break.
Throwing itself upon jagged rocks that protrude
from hell that only this heart has ever known.


Breaking constantly the hurts you’ve laid
on its soul of souls,
that is hidden deep within closed doors.
Bathed in tears and blood that flow,
drowning it slowly in torment and confusion.

And in the days you kept to yourself in silence,
the heart that was once given to you to hold,
is now slowly decomposing in the shadows of your
a figment of your imagination forgotten,
fading to nothing but dust carried away by the wind.


-The Elusive Scribe 042313-