Complete Me

i thought it would be best
to seek the other half of me
among the sea of faces
that i often see.

i kept on searching
hoping that i will find
the one among the crowd
who can complete me.

i met with strangers
exchanged a word or two
and yet there was no one
to fill this growing hole.

i wandered far from home
seeking the one to call my own
days and nights have passed
and still i’m  all alone.

i think there is something wrong
with me or so i thought
but i found something else
that cured my aching soul.

i found myself as i walked alone
amidst the torments i stood strong
never faltering but determined till the end
i realized i only need myself to be complete.

-The Elusive Scribe 010614-


Puzzled Piece







I wonder where do I fit
in the scheme of things
with Time being unfair
hiding the future from me.

I wonder if I will ever fit
in the world that you live in.
Will I ever find the answer
to complete the puzzle within?

I wonder if I could fit
in the story that you weave
living inside the world
your words have carefully built?

I wonder if you would let me fit in
the words my heart wants to say.
Can I merge my thoughts with yours,
and be complete just like before?

-The Elusive Scribe 111213