Patchwork Heart


Of all the treasures I could have seen,
I saw this patchwork heart among my things.
Although dusty and dirty it may be
the patches sewn are still tight at the seams.
I could not believe after all these years,
my work of art is still here with me.
Patches that come in brightly colored hues,
exact opposite of those times I was feeling blue,
are now sewn together to form the shape of a heart,
reminding me of my lovers that are long gone.
Leaving me their memories trapped inside,
as well as holes that mar my heart.
There was nothing for me to do as they depart,
except to patch my heart to stop the bleeding true
with patches of cloth cut from my lovers’ own,
covering these holes until my heart was whole once
And as I turn my patchwork heart around
I noticed a space in the middle of it all,
now I’m wondering whether I will be sewing a piece of you soon,
but one I hope I really don’t have to do anymore.

-eamarifosque 072413-