Christmas is Here

Since one of my cousins told us that we need to prepare something for our Christmas party, I came up with this short poem. Even if the presentation didn’t pull through we still had plenty of fun and laughter with several intermission numbers from our younger guests.

To all of you who are still enjoying the festivities, Merry Christmas from me to you and your loved ones. 🙂


Christmas is Here

Now that Christmas is here
let us rejoice and be of good cheer
for we are with friends and family dear
make no room for sadness or of tear.

Now that Christmas is here
let us remember our loved ones who are not here
but let us smile and whisper a prayer for they can hear
how we miss them, love them and wish they were near.

Now that Christmas is here
let us raise our glasses and drink some beer!
Let us be glad and pray that this roller coaster year
will end on a merry note to welcome the new year.



Traveling Snowmen

Christmas is just around the corner and here I am playing with my sister’s camera. She has some snowmen in her garden that I played with because I needed some reprieve from my writing. I call this photo shoot “The Traveling Snowmen”. 😀

Mr. Blue

Mr: Blue: What is this place?

Mr. Blue: “What is this place? I don’t remember the North Pole being this leafy.”


Tiny the Snowman

Tiny the Snowman: “Mr. Blue? Where are you Mr. Blue?”

Tiny the Snowman lost sight of Mr. Blue. I heard him passing by and caught a snap of him in between leaves.


Tiny the Snowman

Tiny the Snowman: “Mr.Blue! Finally, I found you!”

The kiddo seems so happy he finally found the older Mr.Blue.


Mr. Blue

Mr.Blue: “Come along, sonny. We have a long way to go.”

Mr. Blue said in a muffled way, “Come along, sonny. We have a long way to go. We can’t stop unless unless you want us to thaw.”

Tiny the Snowman

Tiny the Snowman: “Coming Mr. Blue. Boy, this place sure looks strange. I thought we’d be blanketed in white.”

I hate to tell Tiny the Snowman that here in the tropics there is no snow. At least he won’t melt like what Mr. Blue thinks. 🙂