Paragraphs in Photographs


There are hidden words and worlds with every press of the shutter,
capturing split second images that were sure to be forgotten.
Hiding behind the camera lens we can still create,
hundreds of stories that were meant to be written,
but not by words alone but by images so lively and vivid.
For each glance, each gesture, each backdrop we take,
contains their own little stories that can be read in so many ways.
There are always paragraphs in photographs we take,
hidden in plain sight for knowing eyes to see
how to view the world in a different light.
Seeing images but reading paragraphs in between,
the power of photographs and hidden words combined.

-eamarifosque 062413-


The Great Bulacan Outdoors

I am not a professional photographer but I love the feel of being behind the camera and just taking photos of anything under the sun (literally and figuratively). Just like the pictures found here.

Some sort of cave. Want to investigate?

Everything is green.

Climbing the wall.

The Edge.

My theme for these photos is hiking. My sister and I were just gardening and I saw her wall filled with lichens. These photos were the result of my being a shutterbug that day. 🙂