No Longer Matter








These lines no longer matter
words no longer have any meaning
shared thoughts are fading
promises already breaking
like mirrors ready to shatter

Yet the words will spill
like the blood that flows
from the heart though pained
from the absence of you

And they will form in silence
just like the silence you gave
and form they will just to speak
the truth that this lips won’t dare say

That the dark days you left me with
sparked the fire within
and from the desolation of broken heart strings
and debris of shattered dreams
the flames will run

Engulfing the wreckage
consuming the pain and hatred
searing memories etched upon walls
down in the chamber once offered to you

And from the heat of the flames
that course through these veins
all the lies these ears have heard
and lips have sworn
shall melt away
like the images of you
and us no more

And the fire shall raze
everything in its path
leaving nothing
not even a shadow of our first kiss
not even a hint of our smiles
not even the idea of us

-©The Elusive Scribe 040514-


A Hundred Reasons


There’s a hundred reasons why I should run away from
yet you are like a magnet pulling me back into your
This feeling of being intoxicated from your kisses,
causing swirling eddies of fire and ice in my belly,
is an eternal addiction I can’t break free from.

You’ve wrapped my heart in multitudes of strings,
with every beat of my heart they tighten so easily.
A slow burning ache starts to spread across my heart,
leaving stains of blood and lines of scars.

Should I undo the strings you’ve attached to my heart,
when we are now miles apart?
Will you still tug at them when you need and miss me
the most?
Calling me to your side to hold your hands in the dark?

There’s a hundred reasons why I should run away,
but there’s a thousand more reasons why I can’t.
I will stay bound to your arms even when all hell
breaks loose,
for the strings you’ve bound me with is the lifeline I
am clinging to.

-eamarifosque 040613-