Distilled Spirit







Distilled Spirit

Burn this screaming soul
along with the darkness and the light
let the flames rise and consume
flesh enveloped in scars of time

Strip away forgotten sins
remove the lies from this weakend spirit
disperse the doubts and fears
find the innocence within

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 041514-


Infernal Love






chained to stone cold walls
afraid to roam once more
over lush valleys
and sacred mountains
for fear it will hurt them all

it found love before
that rapturous bliss
breaking all the rules
just to be with the one
that warms its winter heart

but the fire once stoked
shall brightly blaze
it’s heat ready to consume
and burn earthbound flesh
leaving nothing but ashes in its wake

and as the fiery inferno died down
all it once loved was gone
everything razed to the ground
and of the one it desired
just a flash of memory remained

oh how it raged and roared
for love was denied once more
a curse it was the fire within
when cold heart is warmed
hell is there lying in wait

and so it turned to the shadows
and the embrace of the forbidding tower
afraid to spread its wings
to take its freedom to the skies
and seek another heart to love

yet isolation it cannot bear
stealing damsels here and there
leading seeking knights to cross
its home, the tower strong
to see if love will come knocking at its door

but none has stood its test of fire
their screams echoing well into the night
as their flesh bound to metal light up the sky
just because love came to life inside
and so they burn before her eyes

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 040914-


kaneva.comNow the flames shall burn as night closes in,
you’re the light that ignites the fuel
that courses through these veins.
Tell me now if you’re ready to play with fire,
strike the match, we’re gonna dance tonight,
between the tongues of flame that lick our skin,
our sweat covered bodies will seek each other out.
And as the fire we’ve conjured with each searing kiss,
rise up to bring down the heaven to its knees,
we shall swim in the depths of our desires,
until we find release as we look into each others eyes.

-The Elusive Scribe 092613-


Summer Sun

Blinded by the Sun

Blinded by the Sun

Summer sun, summer sun
be dazzling my dearest summer sun.
Bathe me in your golden, glistening glow,
envelope me in your deliciously, delightful warmth,
from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

Summer sun, summer sun
be the ever watchful sentinel that wakes me
from my deepest, most peaceful slumber.
Nudge me to full wakefulness to enjoy your swift embrace
as you burn the skies with all your glorified beauty.