Walking on Fragile Glass


Walking barefoot on fragile glass
carefully treading this brittle road
while weighed down with a heavy heart
carrying burdens by the hundreds.
a wrong step can cause cracks to appear
on this mirror like road reflecting
life and all its traps to ensnare
a soul alone and wandering,
on unchartered roads leading
to nowhere, somewhere, anywhere
but here.

-The Elusive Scribe 070213-


If I could chase those shadows that flit and float
behind those dark brooding eyes of yours,
I will capture them and disperse them into the light
to banish the hidden pains and hurts that I saw
as I gaze upon the naked truth I read from your eyes.

If I could take away the doubts and fears that fill your heart,
I will gladly rip them from their tenacious hold
then mend the scars they leave behind.
With caring and loving hands I bear
until the bleeding stops and you’re ready to heal.

If I could remove the sadness that you bear on stooped shoulders,
I will cast them aside so you can look up with a smile.
For I know the burdens you carry are heavy,
but need I remind you that you’re never alone
no matter how you push me aside?

-The Elusive Scribe 062613-