Can you forget the taste
of love’s first kiss
the sparks that flew
when eyes meet eyes
gazing for a heartbeat
yet felt like eternity?

Can you forget trailing fingers
down on golden silken skin
memorizing the softest curves
that only your touch can bring
the softest of blushes staining
cheeks you once caressed?

Can you forget the whispered words
exchanged as night descends
wrapped in a blanket of desire
that swept you both off your feet
lifting you to the heavens above?

Can you forget the memories
slowly built with the passing days
forging promises to be uphold
but later unexpectedly broken
causing ripples of heartache?

Can you forget the tears that flowed
from eyes that you once held in rapture
the trembling lips that called out your name
as you turned your back on the gift
offered by hands wanting to heal?

Can you forget the torment
that raged on and on
beating against the chest
of the love you chose to let go
that sank into the embrace of the darkness?

Can you forget the pain
that you put someone through
with your careless words
as you close your eyes to sleep
and dream of a new beginning?

Can you forget and keep on forgetting
that once you were called someone’s own
and in that moment you chose to forget
you were being woven into the sweetest of dreams
never knowing that they will be nightmares in the end?

-┬ęThe Elusive Scribe 040614-


And because I thought it was over,
I burned everything with the setting sun.
I watched the flames lick the letters,
finding them tasty enough to feed on.
Singed edges start to appear,
as the fire crackles merrily on,
and I just watched and watched
wishing that I was being consumed as well.
I have no doubts that this is where we’ll end,
just like paper fed to the flames,
burning brightly, giving off heat,
then slowly dying,
until we’re all but graying ashes
carried away by the wind.

-The Elusive Scribe 081313-