No words are coming
these thoughts obsolete
revolving around you
this poetry often takes place
but there is nothing more to say
for we have already parted ways
no sounds can penetrate
the silence in which I contemplate
where to go now that the days are done
from where will these words take me then
my muse has come and gone far away
and now I’m on my own
my path is unclear and I’m lost

-The Elusive Scribe 03172017-


Temporary Madness

The walls are weeping for I can see the paint slowly
like tears coursing down on cheeks gone unnoticed,
by a heart left without warning.
Succumbing to the cries of a lost human being.

The windows are already cracking under the strain,
of strong winds and the peppering of hail,
like the swirling confusion enveloping a mind,
burdened with sadness, despair and everything in

This temporary madness can be wicked, true.
But won’t last for long even when I’m without you.
With a snap of my fingers and blink of an eye,
my heart will beat and find someone else to love.


– The Elusive Scribe 040613-