Stealing Creativity


In a blink of an eye they fade,
back to their lonesomeness they play,
with thoughts captured from an active mind,
rolled and bounced about with childish delight.

Can’t be seen and yet they’re there,
like ghostly apparitions that come and go.
Stealing your creative thoughts from time to time,
leaving you with a blank stare and thoughtless mind.

These devilish imps love creative minds,
their source of food and playful past time.
Who would have thought that they’re living inside?
Only when words fail will you hear their ruckus,
a chaos against the stillness of your thoughts.

-The Elusive Scribe 031613-


Temporary Madness

The walls are weeping for I can see the paint slowly
like tears coursing down on cheeks gone unnoticed,
by a heart left without warning.
Succumbing to the cries of a lost human being.

The windows are already cracking under the strain,
of strong winds and the peppering of hail,
like the swirling confusion enveloping a mind,
burdened with sadness, despair and everything in

This temporary madness can be wicked, true.
But won’t last for long even when I’m without you.
With a snap of my fingers and blink of an eye,
my heart will beat and find someone else to love.


– The Elusive Scribe 040613-