A Hundred Reasons


There’s a hundred reasons why I should run away from
yet you are like a magnet pulling me back into your
This feeling of being intoxicated from your kisses,
causing swirling eddies of fire and ice in my belly,
is an eternal addiction I can’t break free from.

You’ve wrapped my heart in multitudes of strings,
with every beat of my heart they tighten so easily.
A slow burning ache starts to spread across my heart,
leaving stains of blood and lines of scars.

Should I undo the strings you’ve attached to my heart,
when we are now miles apart?
Will you still tug at them when you need and miss me
the most?
Calling me to your side to hold your hands in the dark?

There’s a hundred reasons why I should run away,
but there’s a thousand more reasons why I can’t.
I will stay bound to your arms even when all hell
breaks loose,
for the strings you’ve bound me with is the lifeline I
am clinging to.

-eamarifosque 040613-



Since April is here it’s start of NaPoWriMo! Everyday for the whole month I will be posting a poem here (well, I actually started posting daily since I started this. :D). Anyway, here’s my poem for the day. Enjoy and I hope you have the time to give some feedback. I’d greatly appreciate it!


You’re like a hard liquor
that burns my throat.
With every sip I take
my body warms up to you.
Your taste is like
a thousand summer suns,
that rips through my senses
intoxicating me.

You’re my alcohol,
my addiction every night.
A fine flavored liquor
placed in a bottle
with such delicate delight.

I long for the night
when I can have
a kiss from your lips,
and drink your essence
to warm my body.

I want you to blind my senses
until I stumble to bed,
and dream of your searing kisses,
till the morning comes.

– The Elusive Scribe 040113-