Language of Poetry

She speaks in poetry

The only language she knows

Her longings and desires 

She carefully shape into words

Hoping that you’ll see them

And learn the truth

Why she smiles through the darkness

And covers the scars that she bears

Why she loves in silence 

And why her tears are never shed 
-TheElusiveScribe 04052017-


The Rage

It burns 

Raging like lava

Bubbling, roiling

Destruction in its wake

It ravages from within

Decimating, hungry for sins

Spewing poisonous words

That flays the flesh

Anger insurmountable

-TheElusiveScribe 04042017-



You wrap your sadness around you

Like a cloak, a protection of sorts

Afraid to look, afraid to see

Afraid to feel what could have beens

And you tighten your hold

Upon your loneliness

Never realizing that someone sees you

Your fears and the scars that you bear

Waiting for you to just let go of it all

So you’ll see that you’re someone to somebody

And that somebody is me

-TheElusiveScribe 04022017-



Hide your eyes from mine

Tantalizing pools that reflect

My own darkness 

Gazing at you makes me weak

Unable to speak

Captured by your beauty

Your loneliness and mine

I am unable to look away

Wrench these thoughts

Away from you and your smile

That beguiles me

Enchantingly haunting 

I am lost but you have found me

Surrender is inevitable

-TheElusiveScribe 04012017-



I look into you, your infinite eyes
wondering what mysteries have I yet to uncover
I love you,
you whispered like a lover’s touch
it unmanned me, as your breath touches my skin
breaking down the walls I have erected easily
piece by piece, you tore down my own prison
finding me, chilled to the bone, barely living
I love you,
you said once more, warmth spreading inside me
a seed planted, of hope, of dreams, of the future
We both smiled at the silliness of it all
yet we barely moved from where we stand,
drinking in the beauty that hid inside of us
glowing, emanating, radiating from within
You reached out to me and I did the same,
we closed the gap, and we became one
our roots going deeper into the earth,
as we drank from the wellspring of our love,
growing towards the heavens, we became forever,
we became us, our oneness no longer a thought
but a reality where we thrive in each other’s light

-The Elusive Scribe 03222017-