How We First Met

incessant chatter of excited students
buzzed around me like busy bees
as I sit in quiet contemplation
of this new life offered to me
and in the midst of the madness
in the chaos that swirled
there you sat in silence
an enigma for me to solve
your brooding eyes have caught me
and like a deer I dared not move
but then you flashed your smile
and I can’t help but smile too
captivated by your wit and charm
you made this heart beat so fast
and in your eyes I saw beauty
I have never discovered before
the distance between us slowly shortened
as we reached for each others hands
and we danced to the music playing
oblivious to the people around us
oh what bliss to be held in your arms
feeling the innocence of young love
strangers at first but blossomed into somehting more
but although it didn’t last forever
the memory still lingers inside my head
that moment when we first met

-©The Elusive Scribe 052014-


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