Drowning in Your Eyes

You drag me into the inky darkness
of your eyes that seem to reflect
the infinite dance of the stars
that coalesce into fragments
of your broken soul.
I’m drowning in the beauty of your sadness
that echoes deep inside
resounding loud and clear
the same sorrow that reside
in the very depths of me.
I’m falling into the deep pools of your eyes
their gaze holding me fast
restraining me as I tried to free myself
from the trap laid out before me.
I’m lost as your eyes penetrate
the secrets I keep within me.
How easy it is for you to unravel me
my thoughts, my words you took
without having to say anything.
I am drowning, drowning in your eyes
and there’s no one to save me
except you.

-The Elusive Scribe 010314-


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